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Posted on 2006.12.20 at 21:05
Current Location: yawning
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Innocent Sorrow
He, i haven't used this thing in so long that the PAGE CHANGED WTF?.. it looks kinda ugly :\ But meh! it's christmas-sy so i'll take it!

I have to shout a YAY!(But i'm too tired to do so.. so i'll restrain myself) cos tomorrow is my final exam, FINALLY! *dies* so i'm going to start actually using LJ OMG i bet you thought it wasn't possible xD It's not like a have tons to write in here, but as long as it helps me to improve my english, i'll take it!

Hmmmm what else?

In the last few months i have been visiting quite a few blogs on blogspot.com. But.. I don't like them. I have no idea if it's the spanish but every blog i visit in there sounds.. cocky =s like "OMG READ ME I'M TEH COOLEST THANG!! I WRITE BETTAH THAN JOO EVER WILL!" I'm generalizing here, i'm sure there are not all like that. But still! I wonder why peple on LJ don't sound like that at all! (no matter the languaje). Well, LJ seems to be the home for fandoms, My Space is for celebrities, and blogspot ... :\ dunno, maybe the people i read happen to be the cocky people there, no idea. So hmm, i wonder why i even put thought into it! xDD meh, crazy internet..

Anyway.. LJ can beat My Space and Blogspot anytime =D (it has prettier layouts too! xD)


AAAAAAnnnd that was my break! But i'll be back, like Arnold Swarcheaksdjakdjjhwenkasdjkja.

We're all in this together!

Posted on 2006.09.06 at 21:22
Current Location: Being tired
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: Believe or not... High school musical xD

Man... what a cheesy song

*sigh* Despite being EXTREMELY cheery on the outside (like, you wouldn't believe), i'm feeling kinda emo lately... Working to hard, giving to much of myself ... and for what? =( retorical... no need to answer.

Ah well ^^ Tomorrow is a new day... i've been having a crappy couple of weeks, that's were all my emo thoughts have been coming from, But hopefully everything will be back to normal in Rydda-land soon.

AAAHH dinner! Good. I need food. Even if it has to be that diet meals TT.TT

*talks to self*
Spring is coming, i like spring ^^ everything will better when spring gets here.


Posted on 2006.08.20 at 19:25
Current Location: Butt/chair
Time to bring my journal back to life.. AYE, AYE!

Why, do you ask? Because i'm bored Yippeh ^^

*looks around* people have been kinda missing lately... is it because everyone is coming back to school?? don't die on my please T.T

Er... i have nothing i really want to talk about now... hmmm.. i just wanted to bring this thing back to life :\ Maybe i'll come and rant about something later.


Posted on 2006.07.21 at 18:35
Current Location: ladedaa
Current Mood: dizzy
Current Music: Bleach song witha long name that i don't wan to write
I was feeling kinda crappy today, like headache and dizzy @-@ and i never feel sick. Well guess what? GAS LEAK XDD that was it!! i swear i have the worst luck ever XDD

But i'm fine now yay! ^^

And my parents just went to get tickets for Lord of the Dance XD go celtic dance!

And last night i dreamt that i gave birth to E.T .. W.T.F?? XDDDDDD ugliest thing ever

And my friends from philosophy want to go to see pirates of the caribean on sunday YAY

And yesterday i bought a havoc keychain ^^

Anddddddddd that's it! for now ^^ i'm not feeling very chatty, still feeling the aftermath of the headache @_@

I'm bored... But, that's a good thing!

Posted on 2006.07.16 at 23:52
Current Location: resting in peace ^^
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: YUI- Life
YES! i'm in my 2 week winter break *spins*!!

In which i plan to do absolutely nothing!

Well, there's the usua trip to the beach with my friends but.. :\ i think i want to stay in the city this time. I feel like spending the two weeks under the blankets watching movies or anime or something. If i go to the beach i'm almost positive i'm going to come back with a cold, i dunno. I know i would have a wonderful time like we alwais do but.. i wanna stay at home. Dunno, we'll see XD

I'm not going to complain about the robbers since i already did that at zomgfta ^^ so, yay?

Aaaannnddd *looks around* i can't belive i'm free *dances, spins, falls*


Posted on 2006.07.12 at 19:08
Current Location: procastinating YAY
Current Mood: happyand loving the goat
Current Music: D 51- Brand New World
I should really write in here when i actually have something in mind, shouldn't i? oh well...

I have been telling myself to study all day, and failing at it T.T But.. i just read a 400 page book, i NEED a break! or poor Rydda will break herself!

I have made a very good friend in college, in a sense that he trusts me enough to tell me his whole life XD when we have only known each other for a couple of months. Anyway, he told me the SADDEST love story ever a while ago (honestly, it was so sad it sort of got to me) And back then i told him i would do something about it, that i couldn't let it be over like that! So i've been working my magic since then and guees what? They are toguether! (sort of) XDDDD Awww that made me SOOO happy ^.^ And he wrote me an e-mail thanking me.. I'm telling you i'm a regular cupid! ^^V I like helping people, and i felt like writing that cos it made my whole week ^^ YAY FOR THEM!

On another love note, last night i dream that i was in love with a guy (random guy that does not exist XD) XDDDD It was so incredibly WEIRD! Really, even in the dream i kept thinking "Wow.. weirdness", why so weird? well, i'm just a little disapointed by the whole dating scenario ^.^ Love is awesome (apparently) but not for me, not for now at least, i don't want it, thanx ^^ i'm just happy matching other people up. OMG, I'M MISS MATCH XDDDD

What else... Oh yes! Polina Seminova is my new hero! SHE'S SO AWESOME... Watching her video has made me want to go on stage again >.< ARGGGG and next time i'll go on stage is months away still! T.T GAO

I will alwais wonder what would have happened if i had decided to go into professional dancing *wishful thinking*


Writing my so called coherent post

Posted on 2006.07.07 at 20:03
Current Location: taking a break
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Megumi hayashibara - Give a Reason
^^ So i said i would write yesterday but... i was WAYYY to tired. At least i have a big break till my next exam on the 14th, but while i'm on this "break" i have to read a 300 page book and prepare 7 10 minutes themes for the exam T.T i read 100 pages today, needless to say i almost died, cus the reading is not exactly Harry Potter XD but, oh well. *sigh* so i'm hoping to be done with it by sunday so i can devote myself to prepare the other part of the exam.

While i was at my friends house yesterday writing my post, i wanted to say something about her, but she didn't let me BUU not fair! i'm tempted to say it now, but since she lent me AIR TV i will be a good girl and keep my muth shut =) And btw, i STILL can't DL the last ep T.T

*hugs zomgfta* gahh i miss you so much!

And i did this on a reading break ^^:

You are Kinomoto Sakura
You are kind and generous, often underestimating your own abilities. Though you may not often know it, you have a lot of talent. Relying on your friends is both your strong point and your weakness.

Take the "What Magic Girl are you?" Quiz



Posted on 2006.07.07 at 11:17
Current Location: Feña's pretty home
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: feña talking to me
^^ only one exam to go! YAYYYY! i think i did ok in this one i dunno ^^;;

i'm in a frends house, it's a

GAAHHH she is not letting me write XDDD

ok, i will write a coherent post when i get home

*glares at feña*

Here i am..

Posted on 2006.07.05 at 22:16
Current Location: zzzz
Current Mood: blankblank
Current Music: nothing...

And older guy offered to correct my Nature Philosophy paper XDD so i'm waiting...

I AM SO TIRED T.T i don't want to study anymore, i don't want any more exams T.T next time you'll see me i'll be wearing black eyeliner with fake tears i swear XDD


i don't even know what to write in here while i wait

So um, Lalala?

yeah.. too tired *hugs all*


Posted on 2006.06.30 at 13:46
Current Location: i'm glad i'm here
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: lalalala

AWESOME GAME =DDDD neither of them played extremely well, but it was (to me) the most exciting game so far ^^

i mean, fights at the end? how can it ge better than that? XDD

lehmann is a hero, klose is alwais a hero and um...

i loved the bluffed parts XD c'monnnnnnnnn! how much can you fake a faul (sp?)?

i saw a bit of it in college but the room was collapsing so i came home ^^ awesome, awesome, awesome!

And i'm glad it's germany!

Nobody cares about this but me XDDDD

Okay, back to the study ;-;

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